Pakistan’s First Electric Bus Service Launched Today

Today marks a historic occasion as the Sindh government’s transportation division launches the inaugural route of Pakistan’s first electric bus service in Karachi. Electric Bus Route in Karachi – The route will run from Clifton Clock to Seaview Beach and be powered by a solar power system. This renewable energy source will allow each bus to travel up to 240 kilometers after one charge.

The Minister Said

The Sindh Minister of Information, Sharjeel Memon, has expressed his satisfaction with launching the first batch of 50 electric buses.

Sarjeel memon

Saying that the PPP-led government is committed to Karachi’s growth, progress, and prosperity. He added that the administration had taken steps to expedite the procurement process and approved acquiring more buses.

Karachi Electric Bus Ticket

The ticket prices for these buses have been set at Rs50. Electric buses have more than 30 seats, including designated spots for those with disabilities.

The people of Karachi can look forward to more efficient and environmentally-friendly bus services soon. The Sindh government is committed to providing the city with the transportation services it needs and deserves. Memon first announced the plan for the bus services in November of last year. And today’s inauguration is a testament to the government’s dedication to the people of Karachi.

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