Debt settlement services online are provided by various credit unions and banks so that people can pay off debts in the comfort of their homes. This saves a lot of time, but you don’t have to go anywhere to pay the bills. Although online payments are relatively new, they are becoming increasingly popular now. You can avoid long lines and late expenses. Pay Bahria City Electricity Bill Online by visiting Paying online is safe, fast, and easy, but you can easily track all credit card payments.

Pay Bahria Town Electricity Bill Online

People of Bahria Town may now simply manage and pay electricity bills online. Many trusted apps are being introduced in Pakistan to support online activities and credit card payments. However, you can also use mobile banking applications to move your electronic credit online without standing in long lines. Because of their speed, comfort, and reliability, people are approaching paying electricity bills online. There are a few ways you can pay off your electricity bill online in the city of Bahria outside the city. We can use Bank apps and Mobile Wallets to pay the Bahria city electricity bill online. Let’s talk about them more.


KUICKPAY Bahria Town Electricity Bill Online

Bahria is a state-of-the-art housing system that offers incredible luxury and services to its residents. The public makes it easier and simpler when paying utility bills by introducing an online platform. In the Same Way, Citizens of Bahria Town can pay their bills online in the following steps!

  1. Click this link
  2. Enter the barcode number found on your electricity bill
  3. Enter the buyer’s number found on your electricity bill
  4. Click on Kuickpay Online
  5. A new screen will appear
  6. Select Bahria City and City Category from the Company and Center menu
  7. Choose your bank and sign in
  8. Select Payment Bill
  9. Choose the type of debt you want to pay, i.e., electricity
  10. Select KuickPay as a payer
  11. When paying a new bill, choose a one-time payment or select a bill from subscribers
  12. Add the buyer’s number and click accept the bill.
  13. Verify the given details and pay off your debt



Online Banking to Pay Bahria Town Electricity Bill Online

In fact, Online banking has made transactions much faster, more secure, and easier. Now, residents of Bahria Town in any city can pay online bills in Pakistan through an online bank. You can pay off Bahria Town’s online electricity bill by downloading the mobile app of any bank in Pakistan. The online banking system for online banks is as follows!

  1. log in to your mobile app just like Jazz Cash and Easypaisa
  2. Select the “Bill & Up-up” option.
  3. Choose Kuickpay as your payer
  4. Enter the Kuickpay id found in challan or SMS
  5. Confirm all details and click the payment option now
  6. You will get a confirmation message via SMS on your mobile

Easypaisa App

Residents of the city of Bahria can rely on the Easypaisa app to pay electricity bills online. This app has made billing payments and online transactions more effective for everyone.  You must have Easypaisa app on your mobile phone and credit to pay off your debt online. The process is as follows!

  1. Download and open the Easypaisa App
  2. Enter your mobile number and CNIC number to create an Easypaisa account.
  3. Select the Payment Bill method option from the application
  4. Choose the type of debt i.e. electricity
  5. Choose the right paying company
  6. Add a 14-character reference number in the top left corner of your bill
  7. Click Get Credit
  8. Your bill status and your bill will appear on the screen
  9. Confirm all details and click Pay Now
  10. You can also read our article about  How to Pay Electricity Bills Online Through Easypaisa.

Jazz Cash App

The Jazz cash mobile app introduces a fast, reliable, and efficient way to complete your payments without going anywhere. In FAct, With the jazz cash app, citizens of Bahria Town can pay their electricity bills online easily and simply. You just need to download the App and you should be credited for it. If you want to know how to pay for electricity online with Jazz Cash, follow the below steps.

  1. Register or sign in to your Jazz Cash app
  2. Select the UBP payment option
  3. Select the type of bill, namely electricity
  4. Choose a debt company
  5. Enter the reference number provided in your bill and proceed
  6. Verify all information
  7. Complete the payment process by entering your MPIN

Therefore, citizens of Bahria Town and other communities can simplify the online payment process by using any of the options listed above. Debt settlement online is as simple as security, fast, and time-saving.


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