10 Interesting Facts About Electricity For Students

Electricity has been a vital part of our lives. We can no longer imagine life without Electricity. So far, in man’s progress, Electricity has played an important role. We see the vital role of Electricity everywhere, whether in a medical department, space, transportation, or the agriculture sector. Today we will tell you 10 interesting facts about Electricity.

10 Interesting Facts About Electricity

  1. Benjamin Franklin first talked about Electricity in 1775.
  2. In 1820, French scientist André-MarieAmpère told the world about the relationship between Electricity and magnetism. Because of this, the Electric Current’s SI unit is ampere.
  3. You may be surprised to hear that Electricity travels at the speed of light. (About 300 300,000 km per second)
  4. The electrical appliances used in 1980 used four times more Electricity than modern equipment.
  5. Surprisingly, there are more than eight million electricity strikes in the world every day.
  6. Geothermal power generates Electricity through the internal heat of the ground.
  7. You may be surprised that some electrical appliances use energy even after closing. Your laptop is standing on average 20 watts. And the desktop lives in 80 watts. So what is the idea that it would not be better to plug these devices after use?
  8. Did you know that there is also a country that uses 23 percent more power than the United States? Ice Land is the country that uses 23 % more Electricity than the united states.
  9. Can you imagine the enormous light bulb weight is 8 tons and 14 feet tall? And this giant bulb is installed on the top of the Thomas Edison Memorial Tower in NJ, United States.



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