Dominion Energy Bill Pay Locations

Dominion Energy Bill Pay is an online payment service by Dominion Energy for its customers to pay their bills online quickly. It provides various fast, secure, and reliable bill payment options for the betterment of its customers. With an Internet connection, Dominion Energy customers can pay their energy bills from any computer, Tab, or mobile device. Customers can manage their Dominion energy bills and view their payment history conveniently. Today, we will cover all your queries related to Dominion Energy, like Dominion Energy phone number, Dominion Power quick pay, Dominion Energy customer service, Dominion Energy bill pay locations, Dominion Energy bill pay without signing in, and Dominion Energy Login.

Dominion Energy Bill Pay Online

Dominion Energy provides a facility for its customers to create an account to manage their monthly energy bills. It is a 24/7 service. Customers can pay their bills anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, Dominion Energy consumers can view their bills online, and they can track their usage. They can directly submit a complaint by logging into the account. After a successful Dominion Energy Login, they can enroll for paperless billing. Follow the under-mentioned process for Dominion Energy Login.

Dominion Energy Login

Dominion Energy Login

1. Visit Dominion Energy’s official website at
2. Now Click on the yellow labeled button “Sign In” on the top right corner of the page.
3. Provide your email address and password and click the “Sign In” button.
4. You will then be directed to the MyAccount page to view and manage your account information.

Account Registration – Dominion Energy Login

If you are a new customer of Dominion Energy and want to create an account, click this link, provide the information listed, and press the submit button.

  1. User Name
  2. Password
  3. Email Address
  4. Security Question
  5. Security Answer
  6. * Confirm Security Answer

Dominion Energy Bill Pay Locations

To pay your Dominion Energy bill in person, visit Dominion-authorized payment centers. If you choose this option, you must pay $1.50 as a convenience fee. Click this  Link: “Dominion Energy Authorized Payment Centers.” You can pay with Cash, money orders, Checks, and Debit/Credit cards. You can also pay at Walmart and Kroger locations.

Pay By Mail

It is a simple and stress-free process. Mail your payment with the payment stub attached to your bill. Include your account number, and you can find the account number on the bill copy. Remember to mail your payment five days before your due date. You can pay using a money order or check.

Mail Your Dominion Energy Bill To,

Dominion Energy Payment Address



Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming Dominion Energy, P.O. Box 27031, Richmond, VA 23261-7031.
North Carolina (Gas) Dominion Energy, P.O. Box 100256, Columbia, SC 29202.
North Carolina (Electric) and Virginia Dominion Energy, P.O. Box 26543, Richmond, VA 23290-0001.
Ohio Dominion Energy Ohio, P. O. Box 26785, Richmond, VA, 23261-6785.
South Carolina Dominion Energy South Carolina, P.O. Box 100255, Columbia, SC 29202.
West Virginia Dominion Energy, P. O. Box 26783, Richmond, VA, 23261-6783

Dominion Energy Pay Bill Phone Number

Dominion Energy bill pay by Phone is the most effortless and time-saving payment option. Call Dominion Energy at 833-261-1469  and provide your account number and other details. Choose to pay option like a credit/debit card or a checking/savings bank account. You can talk with Dominion Energy Customer care representative in English and Spanish.

Dominion Energy Pay My Bill One-Time Payment

Dominion Energy Bill Pay Without Signing In

You can make a one-time payment by Dominion Energy’s authorized third-party vendor. You have to pay some fee by choosing this way of payment. Remember, transaction fees vary according to your connection type. If you are a residential customer, you will be charged a fee of $1.65 per transaction, up to a maximum of $1,000 per transaction, and Non-Residential will be charged $14.95 per transaction, up to a maximum of $15,000. You can make payments using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or AMEX credit or debit cards. If you need more information about one-time payments, call 1-800-420-1663. Click Here to Make Dominion Energy One-Time Payment

Dominion Energy Power Outage Map

Dominion Energy provides details on a dedicated webpage for its customers’ convenience. On this page, they can get all information about power outages in their areas. They can learn about the number of Incidents Causing Outages, , Total Customers Served, and outages restored in the past 24 hours. Dedicated tabs allow you to report an outage, check outage status and storm updates, and report streetlight outages.

The Dominion Power outage map is also available Area zip code. Visit this link and zip code.

  1. Dominion Virginia consumers can Report an Outage or Emergency by clicking this Link.
  2. Dominion South Carolina Consumers can Report an Outage or Emergency by clicking this Link.
  3. Dominion North Carolina Consumers can Report an Outage or Emergency by clicking this Link.

AutoPay – Dominion Energy Bill Pay

You can set up the Autoplay option for your Dominion Energy bill payment. This is a free service for both residential and non-residential customers. Dominion Energy automatically deducts the payment from your provided checking or savings account. You can also receive a bill copy by email. To enroll in AutoPay, Sign in here.

Company Profile Dominion Energy

Dominion Energy provides reliable and affordable energy in 16 states, including West Virginia, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. Seventeen thousand Dominion Energy employees Serve 7 million customers. The company headquarters is located in Richmond, VA.

Dominion Energy Headquarters

Dominion Energy Official Website
Category Utilities
Dominion Energy Phone Number 866-366-4357
Dominion Energy Customer Service
 Idaho, Utah & Wyoming 800-323-5517

Ohio – 800-362-7557

North Carolina (Gas) – 877-776-2427

North Carolina (Electric) and Virginia – 866-366-4357

South Carolina – 800-251-7234

West Virginia. – 800-688-4673

Dominion Energy  Social Media Links FacebookTwitter
Dominion Energy  H.Q. Location 120 Tredegar St Richmond, VA  23219
Dominion Energy  Service Electricity – Gas
Dominion Energy  Service Area West Virginia, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, South Carolina
Dominion Energy  Report Gas Emergency 877-542-2630.
YouTube Channel @DominionEnergy

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Dominion Energy Mobile Application

You can download the Dominion Energy Mobile application and manage your account (MYA). It is a handy application for Dominion Energy customers. Customers can view and download their bills in PDF format. You can download this application from the Google Play Store and Apps Store.

Apple UsersAndroid Users

FAQs – Dominion Energy

Q. Where can I pay my Dominion energy bill?

A. You can pay your bill online through Dominion Energy’s website by mail, Phone, and authorized payment locations.

Q. Where can I pay my Dominion energy bill near me?

A. Find the Authorized payment location by clicking this link: “ Find a Payment Center.

Q. Where can I pay my Dominion energy bill in person?

A. You can pay your energy bill by visiting the Find a Payment Center.

Q. Can I pay my Dominion energy bill at Walmart?

A. Yes, you can pay your bill at Walmart.

Q. Where is Dominion Energy’s headquarters located?

A. you can visit Dominion Energy’s headquarters at 120 Tredegar St, Richmond, VA  23219.

Q. What is Dominion Energy Ohio pay by phone number?

A. You can dial 833-268-4343 to pay your bill over the Phone in Ohio.

Q. What is the Dominion Energy pay bill phone number Virginia?

A. You can call 833-268-4343 to pay your bill over the Phone in Virginia.

Wrapping Up

Dominion Energy offers various options for paying its energy bills online. Customers can pay with their bill by phone number, pay without signing in, or use Dominion Power Quick Pay. Additionally, they can pay their bill in person by visiting Dominion Energy payment locations or contacting customer service for assistance. Please share this content to help me write a more informative blog.

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