Mesquite Water Bill Pay| Online Payment Methods

The City of Mesquite now provides more secure, easy, and convenient online bill payment methods by which you can pay your Mesquite water bill fast and anytime. Register yourself at the Mesquite Customer Portal if you haven’t registered yet, and then by logging in, you can pay online. Alternatively, there is also an option, i.e., Quick Pay, where you don’t need to create your account for online bill payment.  Another online option that the City of Mesquite provides is paying your bill automatically, either by phone or by website. There are also some offline bill payment methods that you can use for monthly bill payments. Well, read the following article, if you wish to view all methods.

Mesquite Water Bill Pay Online

You have two different online bill payment options if you wish to pay online through the City of Mesquite, Texas, official website.

  • Quick Pay (Without Log In)
  • By Customer Portal (With Log In)

Before going into the depths of these two options, let us know how we can log into the City of Mesquite Customer Portal.

Mesquite Water Bill Pay Login

Following are the steps that you have to follow to log in to your Mesquite Customer account. Register yourself first; after that, you will be able to sign in.

  1. From the City of Mesquite Official Website, click on the “Payments” option by scrolling a little.
  2. Then select the “Click here to make a payment” option.
  3. Scroll down and select the type, i.e. “Water Bill,” on the next page.
  4. Well, after that, you have to click on the link following the “Online Payment” option, where you will enter your email address and password.

That’s it! Once you provide your information correctly, you are logged in successfully.

Official Website
Phone Number 972-288-7711
Services Water & Sewer
Service Area Texas
Category Water
Water Customer Login to Pay Bill Click Here
Emergency Customer Support Number 972-216-6208
Social Media Links Facebook, Twitter
Payment Methods Online, Quick Pay, Phone, Mail, In-Person, Drop-Box
HQ Address Mesquite City Hall, 757 N. Galloway Ave.

Mesquite Water Bill Payment Methods (Online)

Following are the online options by which you can pay your Mesquite monthly water bill.

  • Pay Bill Online
  • Pay Bill by Phone
  • Pay Bill by Quick Pay

Mesquite Water Bill Pay Online

If you follow the above steps, you can easily log into your account and pay your bills online. You can not only pay the bills, but also manage your account, review your bill payment history, and do a few other things.

NOTE: All the online payments made will be processed the following day. However, it is not always possible, sometimes it takes more than a day to process the payment.

Mesquite Water Bill Pay by Phone

Dial the number, i.e., 972-216-6208, and then choose option 1. You can pay the bill over the phone, either by card or checking account. Well, this is an automated mobile phone payment option, but if you wish to consult with the representative, then dial 972-216-6208.

Mesquite Water Bill Pay by Quick Pay

Click on the “Pay Now” button from the portal to pay your Mesquite monthly bill without an account. MesquitePay has this amazing feature for fast, easy, and convenient bill payments.

You need to enter your 9-digit “Account Number” and 6-digit “Customer ID” number to further proceed. Make the transaction, and once the transaction is completed, you will receive a confirmation email. However, the City of Mesquite also provides its customers with offline payment methods. let’s take a look at them as well.

Mesquite Water Bill Payment Methods (Offline)

The offline payment options are listed below.

  • Pay Bill by Mail
  • Pay Bill in Person
  • Pay Bill by Drop Box

Mesquite Water Bill Pay by Mail

The City of Mesquite mailing address is,

City of Mesquite Water Utilities
P.O. Box 850287
Mesquite, TX 75185-0287

You can mail your payment in check or money order to this address and complete the bill payment on time.

Mesquite Water Bill Pay in Person

Visit the following different places to pay your Mesquite water bill:

Billing Office: Visit Mesquite City Hall at the address, 757 N. Galloway Ave. to pay in cash, check, card, or by account.

Walmart Location: Use the Walmart Bill Pay WMBP to pay your monthly Mesquite bills. Visit any nearest Walmart location and pay in cash or card.

Fidelity Express Payment Location: Visit Fidelity locations anytime to pay monthly water bills in cash.

Mesquite Water Bill Pay by Drop Box

There is a drop box located at the main entrance of the parking lot of Mesquite City Hall where you can drop the payment in check or money order only. Visit anytime to drop off your bill payment in these secure drop boxes.

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Wrapping Up

All the online and offline methods you can use to pay your monthly Mesquite utility bill are discussed in detail. I hope that you understand each method. Remember that you have plenty of sources and payment types that are accepted for payment, i.e., Paypal, Venmo, Visa, Master Card, Discover, eCheck, Google Pay, Apple Pay, cash, check, etc. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Q: How do I contact the city of Mesquite?

A: By dialing the number 972-288-7711.

Q: Can I pay my Mesquite water Bill automatically?

A: Set up autopay after logging into your account.

Q: How do I report a water leak in Mesquite, Texas?

A: If there is any inconvenience regarding water services or an emergency, then dial the 24/7 available number, 972-216-6278, of the City of Mesquite.

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