People living in the CDA area can now pay their CDA water bill, Electricity bill charges, and property Tax via Mobile and Banks Applications. CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed said CDA is always committed to bringing innovation to its services. He added this step would reduce human effort and also save time. Before this CDS, consumers must stand in long queues before Banks. So if you are looking for how to pay the CDA water bill online or want to pay CDA Tax, we will tell you all the process.

Get your CDA Water Bill 

CDA Water Bill Online Payment

There are many ways to pay your CDA water bill online. If you are a Bank account Holder, it is straightforward to pay your CDS water bill online. You need to have a Bank Application on your Smart Phone. No problem if you are an Android user or an Apple user. Mostly all banks have both Applications.

Here is the list of Bank that is providing this facility to provide CDA

National Investment Bank, Branches Locations is Razia Sharif Plaza, G-7, F-7

Allied Bank Limited Branch Location is Aabpara Branch, G.9 Markaz Branch, G-10 Markaz Branch, F-8/3, I-9, Humak, F-10, G-7/2, Parliament Br. I-8/3, G-11, F-11, I-10, I-11.

United Bank of Pakistan, These Braches provide Facility Aabpara Branch, Sect “A” Block Br, F-7/2, G-6 Civic Centre, G-9 Markaz, F-10 Markaz, F-8 Markaz, G-8 Markaz, Jinnah Avenue, F-6 Br, RDFC G-9 Branch.

First Women Bank Location is Blue Area, G-9 Markaz, AIOU

Habib Bank Limited Nearly all branches accept Bills Sect “A” Block, F-7 Supper Jinnah Branch, G-6 Civic Centre, Islamic University, PTV Headquarter, FBISE Br, G-9/4, I-9 Industrial Area Branch, sector-9, Sector F-6 Br, Sector Blue Area Tower Branch, Islamabad.

National Bank Of Pakistan Locations is here PM Sect Br, Main Br (Melody Cinema), AIOU Br, NIH Br, Foreign Office Branch, Markaz H-9 Br, F-10 Br, F-8 Branch, Holiday Inn Br, G-9 Markaz, “S” Block Sect Br, PIMS, NHQ Br, Margallah Br, Corporate Br (F-6) “B” Block Sect, “D” Block Sect Branch, Islamabad, PARC.

Muslim commercial Bank CDA (Sect.) Bank of Khyber Blue Area, Islamabad, Citibank Blue Area, Islamabad.

Askari Bank (All branches within CDA Islamabad Area)

If you are paying online, use the 122002 prefixes with their CDA consumer number.


cda water bill online

Pay CDA Bill through KuickPay App

Customers with a Kuickpay account and their App can pay the CDA Water bill online. The process is straightforward. We will guide you step by step. You must have Water Consumer Number to check your CDA water bill online.

Internet Banking:

1. Open Any Bank App and log in.

2. Click on Pay Bills

3. In the Category Menu, Click on KuickPay and now pick the biller name.

4. Write your consumer reference number ID XXXXXXX

5. Confirm your credentials and Pay

Mobile Banking:

1. log in to any Bank Mobile App listed above.

2. Click on Pay bills

3. In Category Menu, Click on KuickPay and now pick biller name

4. Put Consumer ID abcdef

5. Confirm your credentials and Pay.

How to Get a Duplicate Copy of the CDA water Bill

Suppose you lost your CDA water bill or did not receive by CDA for any reason. You don’t need to worry. Here we explain the easiest method to get a CDA water bill duplicate copy. For this, you must need a Cell phone or laptop and an internet connection. Click the link, write your CDA water bill consumer ID, and get a Duplicate Copy of your CDA water bill online. Here is the Link

CDA Complaint Centre

For water complaints-related queries, please get in touch with Deputy. Director Distribution Nort Ph. 051-9205528

Deputy. Director Distribution South (Model Villages, H & I Series): Ph. 051-9201071

Water Supply Director   

Ph. 051-9202207

Director Sanitation:   

Ph. 051-9202975

For Billing Complaints:   

Ph. 051-9252823

For Non Residential Properties: Ph. 051-9252498

CDA Head Office Address and Location

If you want to visit CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY, here is the address and Google Map Location for directions.



CDA Water Bill FAQs

 Q: What- The CDA stands for?


Q: Who is CDA Chairman?

Ans: Amer Ali Ahmed is the Chairman of CDA.

 Q: Where is CDA Head Office Located?

Ans: CDA Head office is located in G-7/3-4, ISLAMABAD.

 Q: Can we Pay the CDA water bill Online?

Ans: Yes, you can pay the CDA water Bill online through the Banks Listed above.

 Q: What is CDA consumer ID?

Ans: CDA consumer ID is a unique code provided by CDA to their consumers. With this ID, you can pay the CDA water bill online and get a duplicate copy of your Water bill.

 Q: What is the CDA water bill contact number?

Ans: Water Supply Director   

Ph. 051-9202207

Thank you for reading.

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