Gwinnett Water Bill Payment: Step by Step Guide

This article will discuss the various Gwinnett Water Bill Payment methods. Water is a critical need of routine life, and people want it without interruptions. So, for the convenience of its customers, Gwinnett Water Bill Company has introduced a modern online portal. Customers can pay from the ease of their homes without any hassle with the methods that suit them best. Portal has a range of easiest online to traditional mailing systems. We’ll discuss all the technical details about each option in this article. So stay tuned to delve into the details of these methods.

Gwinnett Water Bill Online Payment

Customers can pay water bills online through the official Gwinnett Water Company website. All You have to do is to create your Gwinnett Water Pay online account. After this, you can get all the benefits related to this service. If you are a newcomer, you must register/ sign up yourself on the website. To sign up, you’ll require the information below.

  • Account Number
  • Meter Number

You can find both written on the bill. After signUp, you can get into Gwinnett Water bill pay login by signing in online. Just provide your credentials, i.e., your username and password. After that, you’ll get multiple benefits from an Online Payment Account.

  • Customers can view, download, and pay their bills. With this online water bill, payment can be made quickly.
  • Customers have complete control over their usage. They can track and monitor the expenses.

With online payment accounts, customers can set autopay (which we have discussed later in this article) and select paperless billing. You can check Gwinnett Water Bill customer service for additional information and guidance. You can inquire about rates, residential or commercial accounts, and FAQs.

Gwinnett Water Bill Payment

Gwinnett Water Bill Payment by Autopay

Nowadays, customers fear missing out on the due date of payment. If you also have this fear, you can set autopay to avoid any delays resulting in extra charges. With autopay, your bill payment will be deducted from your provided account well before the due date. Customers can avoid standing in lines, stamps, and manual expenses with the activation of this service. For the setup of autopay, you have to fill out this form. You’ll be required.

  • Profile information
  • Gwinnett Water Account Number
  • Bank Institution name, bank routing number, and bank account number.

Gwinnett Water Bill Payment by Phone Number

Customers can pay their bill by phone by dialing Gwinnett Water bill payment contact number 678.376.6800 24/7. Follow the recorded voice instructions and provide your credentials. American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card can pay your bill over the phone. It took 24 to 48 hours to complete the payment. Apart from payments, you can also dial 678.376.6800 for additional assistance,

Gwinnett Water Bill Payment by Mail

Sometimes, you want to use traditional ways for correspondence and payments. Sending payment through mail is one of the old-fashioned ways. Customers can now send their payment through mail to the Company’s office. Just ensure you have written clear information on the check or money order. Enclose your coupon of the bill along with the check/money order in a returning envelope and send it to the address below.

Gwinnett Water Resources
P.O. Box 105023
Atlanta, GA 30348-5023

You must remember that completing the bill posting took three working days.

Gwinnett Water Bill Payment In-Person

Customers can pay their bills by visiting or drive-thru the Company’s office. Sometimes, we want to interact face-to-face due to specific reasons like internet issues or any other. You can pay with cash, checks, or debit/credit cards. Customers can also discuss their queries and bill issues. Please follow the timings from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Monday to Friday). Please visit below-mentioned address

684 Winder Hwy NE
Lawrenceville, GA 30045

Gwinnett Water Bill Payment by Third Party

Western Union is the third party collecting Gwinnett County Water bills for G.C. Water’s thousands of Quick Collect locations nationwide. You must follow these steps to avoid any inconvenience.

Visit any Western Union location with the Gwinnett Water County Bill. There, you’ll be guided by the assistant for your payments. Please remember that completing the bill posting took up to 3 days. So if you are late and have less than three days margin time, please call at 678.376.6800 and confirm your payments.

Gwinnett Water Company Customer Service

When paying bills or selecting various options, i.e., rates, plans, or cancellations, customers are concerned that no problem should be created. Gwinnett County Water customer service is there to address this issue. The Company commits brief assistance. You can approach customer service by email at or Gwinnett water bill payment contact number 678.376.6800.

The Customer Care Representative will guide you with these times from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Monday to Friday). Assistance through Automated Prompts is available 24/7.

Company Overview: Gwinnett County Water Company

gwinnett water bill

Official Website
Category Utilities
Gwinnett Water Phone Number 678.376.6800
Gwinnett Water Customer Service Number 678.376.6800
Social Media Links Gwinnett Water Facebook Page –On Gwinnett Water LinkedIn –  On Twitter
Gwinnett Water Headquarters Address 75 Langley Dr, Lawrenceville, GA  30046
Gwinnett Water services Government & Tax, Utilities
Gwinnett Water Service Area Map  Georgia
Gwinnett County Water outage 770-822-7000

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FAQs: Gwinnett Water Bill Payment

Q: How do I request a new water service in Gwinnett County?

A: To set up a new water service in Gwinnett County, follow the guidelines on the official county website or contact the Gwinnett County Water Department.

Q: How can I check my water bill account?

A: You can review your water bill account by logging into your online account or contacting Gwinnett County Water Department.

Q: How can I pay my Gwinnett County water bill online?

A: Easily pay your Gwinnett County water bill online through the secure payment portal on the Gwinnett County Water Department’s website.

Wrapping Up

While concluding the article, I checked that all Gwinnett Water Pay online portal payment options are incorporated. Customers can pay at their convenience with the quickest and easiest method of online portal after signup or by visiting the walk-in centers. We have discussed all the technical details of each method. Thank you for reading this article with patience. Please share with others.

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