iPhone 14 Pro Max PTA Tax in Pakistan 2023 (updated)

So iPhone lover’s wait is over; iPhone 14 series is finally in Pakistan. Apple introduces iPhone 14 series in four versions: iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Plus, and iPhone 14. This Flagship phone introduces at a higher price than expected. But still, this Phone is cheaper in Pakistan than in other countries. Apple has now become a status symbol. The diehard fan of Apple phones can buy them at any price. Today we will discuss the iPhone 14 Pro Max PTA Tax in Pakistan 2023 and another variant of this series.

Taxes Details on iPhone 14 Series 2023

Version Tax Payable (passport) Tax Payable (Payable on CNIC)
Apple iPhone 14 Rs 134,825 Rs 160,958
Apple iPhone 14 Max Rs 140,575 Rs 167,283
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Rs 149,775 Rs 177,403
Apple iPhone 14 Pro max Rs 158,630 Rs 187143

iPhone 14 Pro Max PTA Tax in Pakistan 2023


PTA Tax on iPhone 14 Pro Max in Pakistan

It has six GB of memory and runs on the A14 Bionic chipset. Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max price in Pakistan has anticipated at least Rs. 495,000. The Actual Price or base price of the Phone is 269,999. Now you can calculate how much extra you must pay in terms of Taxes. Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max is scheduled to launch on October 31, 2023. The 6 GB RAM / 128GB internal memory model from Apple is purchased in Space Black, Silver, Gold, and Deep Purple colours. The estimated price of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max in Pakistan, is the number of Rs. 495,000. The anticipated price for Apple for USD will be $3699.

iPhone 14 Series  Mobile Phones PTA Tax on Passport

If you are living abroad and planning to visit Pakistan, you must pay Taxes on your Phone according to Government Policies. In this case, the total price of the Phone would be 36870 rupees. 36870 + 17% = Rs. 43076.30. Include this in the budget when planning that new handset!

Mobile Phone Value in $ USD PTA Tax in Rupees (PKR)
$1 to $30 Rs. 430
$31 to $100 Rs. 3200
$101 to $200 Rs. 9580
$201 to $350 Price 12K 200 Plus 17% Sales Tax Ad Valorem
$351 to $500 Price. 17K 800 Plus 17% Sales Tax Ad Valorem
$501 and above Price. 36K 870 Plus 17% Sales Tax Ad Valorem

PTA Tax 2023 on iPhone 14 Series Mobile Phones for people living abroad on arrival to Pakistan.

 iPhone 14 Series PTA Tax on CNIC

The Tax will apply to both used and new phones. The buyer has to pay at the moment of the purchase. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has issued a notice that states that the Tax has to pay according to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). The FBR has instructed the PTA to collect the Tax from all consumers that purchase Apple iPhone 14 mobile phones beginning on July 1, 2023. The tax-collected money will be deposited in the national Treasury. iPhone 14 Pro PTA tax is given below.

iPhone 14 PTA Tax Calculator (CNIC)

Mobile Phone Value in USD PTA Tax in Pak Rupees (PKR)
$1 to $30 Rs. 550
$31 to $100 Rs. 4323
$101 to $200 Rs. 11561
$201 to $350 Price. 14K 661 Plus 17% Sales Tax Ad Valorem
$351 to $500 Price. 23K 420 +Plus 17% Sales Tax Ad Valorem
$501 and above Price. 37K007 + 17% Sales Tax Ad Valorem

PTA TAX 2023 On iPhone 14 Series Mobile Phones On CNIC Entry.

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iPhone 14 Pro Max Price in Pakistan PTA Approved 256GB

IPhone Pro Max is undoubtedly costly, but it is not an issue for Apple lovers. The much-awaited Phone is finally available in Pakistan. Both PTA Approved and Non-PTA approved phones are available. Non-PTA phones are used for the cam and the internet; People use JAZZ DIGIT 4Gfeatur phones as a hotspot. But if you want full benefits and iPhone 14 max pro vibes, you must buy PTA approved Phone. The expected price is 495,000 (256 GB Variant)

Where to Buy iPhone 14 Max in Pakistan

Mostly I purchase a lot of things online. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, there are no Online / E-commerce Laws. Therefore many people face scams while shopping online. Even the most prominent online store in Pakistan, Daraz, is unreliable. To buy iPhone 14 series online, you must try Telemart.com. I prefer it because Telemart has exemplary customer service and always delivers buyers the best and most original products. Here is the Link if you want to buy from Telemart.

telemart findebill

Wrapping Up

In Pakistani, everybody dreams of buying the latest model of iPhone. And sue price hikes and locale currency inflation against the dollar, the flagship Apple iPhone 14 Series price in Pakistan is higher than expected. Many brands are introducing Hifi Mobiles, Like Samsung, OnePlus, and Motorola, but Apple buyers never compromise. With the price of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, you can buy a  Property in remote areas and open an online store on Daraz and even on the E.commerce giant Amazon. The choice is yours. Furthermore, this website provides information regarding Electricity, Gas, PTCL, and Taxes. And if you need specific information about the topics mentioned above, feel free to write to us.


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