K-Electric Duplicate Bills 2023

K- Electric Bill payment option, or do you need to know how to get K-Electric Duplicate Bills 2023? Congratulations, you are in the right spot. This website provides helpful information for KE consumers. And it’s free of cost. If you did not receive your monthly K-Electric bill for any reason or you lost the bill, So we are here to resolve these issues. You can find here how to get the K-Electric Duplicate bill and how many ways to pay the bill online via Banks, Mobiles Wallets, or credit cards. We briefly describe the KESC Load Shedding Schedule, How to read the KE meter, KE Helpline, the k-electric complaint WhatsApp number
, KE Head office Address and location, and much more. We regularly update all information to update our respectable visitors.  Read more about the K-electric bill online Check Karachi.

How to Check KElectric Duplicate Bills 2023

If you are a KElectric customer and want to check your duplicate bills for the year 2023, you can do so in a few simple steps.
1. Visit the KElectric website at www.ke.com.pk.
2. On the homepage, you will find a tab namedMy KElectric.’ Click on it.
3. You will be directed to theMy K-Electric’ login page. Enter your credentials here and clickLogin.’
4. After logging in, you will find a tab namedBilling & Payments.’ Click on it.
5. You will then be directed to theBilling & Payments page. Here, you will find the option toView Bills.’ Click on it.
6. Select the month and year you want to view the duplicate bills and clickSubmit.’
7. You will then be able to view and print your KElectric duplicate bills for 2023.
If you have any issues or queries, contact K-Electric’s customer service at 111111123.

Enter Your Reference Number and Pay Your Bill or Get a K-Electric Duplicate Bills Online



How to Check the K-Electric Duplicate Bills 2023 Online

Check the electric bill online. Here are the steps

KElectric is the largest electric power utility provider in Pakistan. It is the sole electricity distributor in Karachi, providing power to more than 2.6 million customers. You can quickly check your duplicate bills online if you are a K-Electric customer. Here are the steps:

1. Visit the KElectric official website at https://www.ke.com.pk/

2. Click on the “My KElectric tab and selectDuplicate Bills from the dropdown menu.

3. Enter your Customer ID and select the month you wish to view the Duplicate Bill.

4. Click onView Bill, and your Duplicate Bill will be displayed on the screen.

5. You can also download and print the bill if needed.

K-Electric Duplicate Bills Download Online 2022

K Electric Duplicate Bill Online 2021

If you are looking for K-electric duplicate bills for 2021, you are in the right place. It is a simple method. You need to enter the reference number of the previous duplicate bill. This is how you will get your 2021 k-Electric bill. You can also check KESC duplicate bills month by month. This means you can get the K-Electric Duplicate bill online from January to December. So it’s good for you, no worries if you lose your previous K-Electric bills.

KElectric Bill Check Karne Ka Tarika

1. KElectric ke website par jaye.
2. Apna kelectric ka account login kare.
3. Apne kelectric account me, Jaye, our bill check kare.
4. Bill check Karne Ke Liye Apna kelectric ka account number, meter number aur bill number daale.
5. Finally, apne kelectric bill ko check karne ke liye submit kare.

Get K Electric Duplicate Bill Online (KESC BILL)

You can now access the monthly KE online bill here. Findebill.com is a free internet site to get your KE online duplicate bill quickly. Next, you can get your latest bill and view the total amount that includes applicable fees. You can download a copy, print this bill, or publish it in your monthly KE payment to send to a nearby post office.

Online Bill Check Pakistan

Here on FindBill.com, you can see online bill checks in Pakistan. Also, you can drop comments if you are facing problems. Kindly Add FindBill.com to your bookmark to keep up to date with us. We daily update our content to bring the latest updates about K Electric.

Here is a video Explanation

This video explains all the processes for checking the K-Electric duplicate bill 2023.

How to Read K-Electric Meter?

1. Find the meter. K-Electric meters are typically located on the outside of a building, typically near the entrance. The meter will have the K-Electric logo and may be enclosed in a metal box.

2. Open the meter box. Depending on your specific meter, you may need to use a tool to open the box.

3. Locate the meter display. K-Electric meters typically have a digital display that shows the current electricity usage.

4. Read the display. The display will show the current electricity usage in kilowatt-hours (kWh). This is the amount of electricity used since the last meter reading.

5. Record the reading. Record the reading for future reference and compare it with future readings.

6. Close the meter box. Close the meter box and ensure that it is securely fastened.

K Electric Duplicate Bill 2023 Online

For the K-Electric bill check, you need a reference number. Find your reference number in your duplicate bill to check the K-Electric online bill. It will be a 13-digit number inscribed in a box, usually located at the bottom of the duplicate bill if you are still confused about getting your bill reference number.

Get K-Electric Duplicate Bills Here

How Many Ways to Pay K Electric Bill Online

There are several ways to pay your K Electric Bill Online:
1. Credit/Debit Card: This is the most convenient way to pay your K Electric Bill Online. It is fast and secure, and you can use your Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card to pay.
2. Online Banking: You can also pay your K Electric Bill Online via your bank’s online banking platform. This option is secure, fast, and free of any transaction fees.
3. Easypaisa: Easypaisa is a digital payment platform that allows you to pay K Electric Bill Online. All you need to do is enter your account details, and the amount you wish to pay will be transferred immediately.
4. UBL Omni: UBL Omni is a digital payment platform that allows you to pay your K Electric Bill Online. All you need to do is enter your account details, the amount you wish to pay, and the money will be transferred immediately.
5. Bank Transfer: You can also pay your K Electric Bill Online via a bank transfer. All you need to do is provide your bank details, and the amount you wish to pay will be transferred to your K Electric Bill.
6. JazzCash: JazzCash is a digital payment platform that allows you to pay your K Electric Bill Online. All you need to do is enter your account details, and the amount you wish to pay will be transferred immediately.

K-Electric WhatsApp Number

K-Electric is a consumer-friendly company. KE always introduce something new to facilitate their respected consumers. Now you can WhatsApp your queries direct on KE’s WhatsApp number. And here is the k-electric WhatsApp number +92-348-0000118.

K-Electric 8119 SMS Service

To provide faster services to its customers, K-Electric has launched 8119 SMS Service. After registration, customers can receive timely updates for any K-Electric upgrades in their area. They can use these SMS services.

K-Electric Load-Shedding  Schedule

K-Electric’s load-shedding schedule is determined by the system’s demand and supply of electricity. It is divided into four zones, each with a different load-shedding schedule. The schedule is available on K-Electric’s website and can be obtained by calling their customer care service. The schedule is updated regularly to reflect changes in electricity demand and supply.

Registered users: Type LS and send the message to 8119.
Non-registered users: Type LS (space) [your 13-digit A/C #(e.g., LS 0100087654321)] and send a message to 8119.

You can also check the Load Shedding timetable by visiting the K-Electric official website. Visit the site by clicking the link given below and Enter your 13 digits KE Account Number starting from “04000XXXXXXXX”.

K-Electric Load Shedding Schedule 

K-Electric Short History

After independence in 1947, the city of Karachi grew significantly in terms of area and population. KESC infrastructure could not cope with the sudden increase in electricity demand. Therefore, in 1952, the Government of Pakistan introduced it nationally and took control of investing heavily in it. The Pakistani government built eight (8) new power plants with 513 MV power from 1953 to 1980. In 2005, the Government of Pakistan made it private. The government retains 26% of its shares and has transferred the rest to the international organization, so new owners are investing in its infrastructure to improve its efficiency and power generation.

Ask About The Schedule

ii- Technical error report

iii- Charge questions

iv- Stay informed about planned / emergency disruptions

K-Electric KE WhatsApp (0348-0000118) Service:

WhatsApp is the most common form of telecommunication app today. Therefore, K-Electric lunch WhatsApp Service stays in touch with its customers 24/7.

Customer Care K Electric

KESC Helpline and k-Electric Complaint Online Number

Phone numbers and k-electric helpline number Karachi

+92-21-3263 7133

+92-21-3870 9132

For customer complaints/inquiries, call 118 or 99000

Email: customer.care@ke.com.pk

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I check the KE invoice by mobile number or CNIC?

A: No, you can check it with the account number.

Q: How do I change the name of the KE invoice?

A: You can submit a request to change the subject by visiting your nearest office. The process of editing a topic is similar to a new connection.

Q: What is the Help Number for KE?

A: Here is the number you can call the KE helpline: 92-21-3263 7133

Q: Can I cover my KE utility bill?

A: Your current bill is not eligible for payments, but if you have debts pending (the amount owed) on your invoice, you may receive payments for that amount when you also need to pay interest by bank charges.

Q: How do I apply for invoice amendment?

A: If you believe the amount of your bill is incorrect, you can go to the nearest KE office and submit your status.

Q:- How can I check my KE bill online?

A:- For the KE bill Check, Click This Link https://www.ke.com.pk/customer-services/billls-and-e-payments/

Q:- How to get a KE duplicate bill?

A:- You can quickly get your KE duplicate bill by providing your reference number.

Q:- What is the k-electric complaint email?

A:- K-electric complaint email is customer.care@ke.com.pk

Q:- Who Invented Electricity?

A:-  Benjamin Franklin invented electricity in 1752.

Q:- How to check k electric bill online?

A:- It is straightforward to check K Electric’s duplicate bill. You need to provide your 13-digit reference number. You can check our website and visit K Electric’s official website, www.ke.com.pk, to find your bill.

How to Register with SMS Service

To Register – type REG (space) [your 13 A / C # numbers (e.g., REG 0100087654321)] and send a message to 8119.

Immediately after submitting your application, you will receive a welcome note confirming your registration with the K-Electric mobile service.

Q:- How to Check the k-electric complaint status?

A:- To check your k-electric complaint status, click this link and  write your Case ID https://www.ke.com.pk/customer-services/new-connections/case-status/

K-Electric Head Office Location

If you want to visit the K-Electric Head office, Here is the address and Google Map of the K-Electric Head Office. You can get directions from google Maps.

KE House، 39-B Sunset Boulevard، D.H.A. Phase 2 Ext Defense Housing Authority, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75500, Pakistan


KElectric is the largest electric power utility provider in Pakistan and provides electricity to more than 2.6 million customers in Karachi. If you are a KElectric customer, you can check your duplicate bills online for 2023 by visiting the KElectric official website and following the steps given above. You can also pay your KElectric bill online through digital payment platforms such as credit/debit cards, online banking, Easypaisa, UBL Omni, bank transfer, and JazzCash.

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