LESCO Duplicate Bill Download 2023 Lahore

Today we will inform you how to obtain LESCO Duplicate Bill Download 2023 Lahore. LESCO stands for LAHORE ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY. Suppose you want to check your latest LESCO Bill Online 2023. It means you are in the exact place. You only need a “Reference Number” (14 digits) or “Customer ID” (seven digits ’07’), which you can get from your old payment. Always keep these two numbers to check your current electricity bill anytime, anywhere on Earth. About LESCO bill check online 2023 can be found here. LESCO customer bill information is exclusively available on this website.

LESCO Duplicate Bill Download Process

Suppose you need to check your up-to-date LESCO consumer duplicate bill online. It means you are in the right place. Your only prerequisite is a “Reference Number” (14 digits) or “Customer ID” (seven digits ’07’), which you can get from your old payment. And put it in the search bar, and you can get your new bill online. You can check the LESCO bill check online June 2023, Lesco bill check online May 2023, the Lesco bill checks online August 2023, and so on for the whole year. LESCO duplicate bill online downloads easiest method available on this site.

LESCO Bill Online Check by Meter Number

Lahore Electric Supply Company LESCO provides LESCO Online Bill Check By Meter Number service to its customers. Those customers who have lost their bill or have not yet received their credit can check their credit online using the method below.

Lahore Electric Supply Company Bill Check

Just browse lesco.com.pk and then Navigate Check Bill Page, or you can also write a search query in google, like open google.com and write in the search area Lahore electric supply company bill check and open the first link.

LESCO Electricity Bill Online Check

You Can Check the current month’s LESCO bill online in June 2023. You can check your Lesco duplicate bill every month from January to December.

Write your Reference Number to Pay / Get a Duplicate copy of your LESCO bill.


Everybody wants to check their electricity bill online on google.

  1. Go to your google search bar
  2. Search findebill.com
  3. Go to your WASA bill page and find a search bar
  4. Search your WASA 8 digits account number
  5. within 1 second, you will get your WASA bill duplicate

You can Get LESCO Customer bill information by clicking above mention image/link.

LESCO Bill Online Check Lahore 2022

LESCO Bill Check Online Lahore 2023

The second method to find LESCO bills online

  1. open your google and search www.lesco.com.pk duplicate bill
  2. open the first website, and there, you will find a search bar where you can put your reference number
  3. Tap on search, and you will get your electric bill online

LESCO Bill Online Check Lahore 2022 LESCO Logo

LESCO and its User

At WAPDA, electricity theft and high consumer charges are significant problems. LESCO will replace the 1.7 million old meters with a new “Advanced meter infrastructure (AMI)” to address these two issues. The Asian Development Bank (ADP) will provide this project with $ 300 million in financial assistance. According to a LESCO spokesperson, 14,74,532 single-phase, 2,13,120 three phases, and 28,753 old commercial and industrial meters will be replaced by modern AMI meters in the central and southern circuits of LESCO.

Latest AMI Meter Installation

The latest AMI meter installation will be completed in the next four years. With the installation of AMI equipment, the metered heat will be eliminated. If any buyer tries to mute the meter, it will be displayed immediately in the Central Control Room.

LESCO Operational Area

LESCO Operates in seven different circles; details are here mentioned below.

Operational Circle No of Divisions  No Of Sub-Divisions
North Lahore Circle 05 28
Central Lahore Circle 04 31
Eastern Lahore Circle 04 30
South Eastern Lahore Circle 04 26
Nankana Circle 04 16
Okara Circle 04 23
Kasur Circle 05 30

LESCO Online Bill Payment

LESCO provides many ways for their customers to pay their monthly bill payments. You can pay LESCO bill payment through a credit card. And nearly all major banks give this facility through bank iOS and Android App. People who don’t have a Bank account can pay their bills via Mobile wallets or any of Easy Paisa or Jaz cash Shops.

LESCO Call Centre

LESCO has organized a 24-hour grievance plan for 7 07 hours through the Helpline Call Centre. Here a person can register their electrical complaint or get general information. The LESCO hotline for calls is 118, and the SMS is 8118.

Central Control and Monitoring Cell Nos



Head Office LESCO: 22 / A Queen’s Road, Mozang Chungi, Lahore, Punjab 54000.

Google Map Address for LESCO Headquarters, Lahore.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQS

Q. What is Lesco Pakistan?

A. LESCO Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) is a power distribution company that supplies electricity to the districts of 1. Lahore, 2. Okara, 3. Sheikhupura, 4. Nankana, and 5. Kasur in Pakistan.

Q. Is Lesco under the WAPDA?

A. LESCO is the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) subsidiary.

Q. How do I change the name on my Lesco bill?

A, Answers: Change of contact name can be arranged by applying the same to the relevant Sub-Category on the prescribed application form to be correctly completed and the document required to confirm the reasons for the change of name.

Q. How do I know my Lesco bill is paid?

A. It’s easy to check this query; log in to LESCO Website and enter your reference number.

Q. How can I pay my electricity bill online in Pakistan?

A. Log in to Online Banking.

  • Go to the ‘Debt Payments’ option.
  • Select ‘Debit Payments

Q. What is the official Website of LESCO?

A. www.lesco.com.pk

Q. Where Can I get LESCO bill Calculator?

A. Click here and Get the LESCO bill Calculator.

Q. Can we Check LESCO Online Bill Check 2023 By Meter Number?

A. Yes, you can check LESCO Online Bill Check 2023 By Meter Number

Q. What is FPA in LESCO Electricity Bill

A. The FPA is levied to adjust the monthly electricity fee based on the value of the currency in the international market and the cost of crude oil, natural gas(LNG), and coal. FPA is applied to all LESCO power companies in Pakistan. We write an article on Fuel Price Adjustment in Electricity Bill Pakistan 2023. 

LESCO Head Office Location

Here is LESCO’s Head Office Physical Location in Lahore. You can get directions from Google Maps.

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