Ozark Water Bill Pay Online| Billing and Payment

You can pay your City of Ozark water bill conveniently by using online methods, i.e. through the customer portal, or by using the Quick Pay option. Well, there is a convenience fee of $1.50 charged to use these two options. However, you can also pay your Ozark Water Bill using several other options. Mail the payment to the Ozark, Missouri, address, and visit the physical address to pay in person. Payments can be made in cash, check, money order, debit/credit card, checking account, or by Google Pay easily. Read the following article to the end to learn the methods in detail.

Ozark Water Bill Pay Online

The online payment of the Ozark water bill can be made through two different methods. Both of them are easy and quick, so you are free to choose any of the options.

  • Through the Portal (By registering)
  • Quick Pay (Without registering)

Ozark Water Bill Login

The City of Ozark provides a very convenient way of paying the bills as well as viewing the details regarding the billing and payment. You just need to provide your details, that will be safe to create your account. Then you can log in from the official Ozark website.

  1. Visit the City of Ozark, Missouri official site.
  2. Click on the Water and Sewer Bill Pay option.
  3. Enter your Username and Password correctly. Then click on the “of In” button.

That’s it! Now let’s move on to the company information.

Official Website www.ozarkmissouri.com
Phone Number 417-581-2744
Services Water & Sewer
Category Water
Service Area Missouri
Customer Login to Pay Bill Click Here
Customer Emergency Support Number 417-581-9303
FAX 417-581-0575
Social Media Links Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
HQ Address Ozark, 205 N. 1st Street, MO 65721

Ozark Water Bill Payment Methods

Following are the payment billing options that are convenient and easy to pay your monthly water bills.

  • Pay Bill by Account
  • Pay Bill by Quick Pay
  • Pay Bill by E-Billing
  • Pay Bill by Mail
  • Pay Bill in Person

Ozark Water Bill Pay by Account

Log into your account and then pay your monthly bills using your card or account. You can view your billing history and previous bills through this option.

Ozark Water Bill Pay by Quick Pay

  • On the login page, you will see the option of Quick Pay.
  • Click on that option and enter your Account Number that is written on your invoice.
  • Search for your account by clicking on the “Find Account” button.
  • Once you searched your account, complete the transaction by following the steps one by one.

Ozark Water Bill Pay by E-Billing

The City of Ozark has another amzing convenient method to pay their monthly bills. Well, to activate this E-Billing option, you need to make a call to the office of Ozark Water and Billing at the number 417-581-2744.

Ozark Water Bill Pay by Mail

Mail your Water bill payment amount in chcek or money order to the address below,

Ozark water Department
PO Box 295
Ozark, MO 65721

Make sure to mail five to seven days before the last date.

Ozark Water Bill Pay in Person

You can also visit to pay your bills in person.

  1. City Hall: Visit during working hours at the address i.e. 206 North 2nd Street to pay in cahs or any opther payment type you want.
  2. Drop Box: There is an afterhour dropbox outsite on the parking lot below the drive-thru window. You can drop the payment in check or money order only.

City of Ozark Billing and Payment

You must pay your bills on the due date to avoid penalties. The citizens on the south side recieve their bill on the 1st of each month and north side citizens recive on 15 th of each month. So the due dates are 15 and 30 respectively. Well, if the customer don’t pay the bills on the due dates, it will be considered late fees and they have to pay the penalties i.e. $50 service fee.

Howeve, the time span of late fees is 25th and 10th respectively of both sides. But if the customers will not be able to pay during this time, they have to face more severe consequences.

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Wrapping Up

The payment and billing methods, company information, and other few detais regading the billing is discussed in this article. I hope thta you understand each method and will be able to pay your next bills. Well, if you have any queries, feel free to ask.


Q: How can I contact the Ozark, MO, City Hall?

A: By dialing the City hall number 417-581-7002.

Q: Can I use Autopay to pay my Ozark water bill?

A: You cna set up the autopay option by logging into your account.

Q: What is the penality charges of late fees?

A: There is a $50 service fee if you pay your bills late.

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