How to Pay Property Tax Through Epay Punjab?

Want to Pay Property Tax Through Epay Punjab? We are here to guide you through all of your queries. The Finance Department of Punjab and the (PITB) present this joint venture ePay Punjab app, which allows you to pay your taxes easily using this mobile Application. We are here to give you a brief and detailed guideline for Epay App. After reading this, you will be able to pay your taxation payments.

Pay Property Tax Through Epay Punjab  And Other Taxes Detail

So far, you can pay your taxes digitally for about six different departments in Punjab, including the Excise and Taxation Department, with 14 taxes linked to the App. The complete list is available below:
Epay Punjab App provides the facility to pay your taxes online in about six different departments of Punjab. The excise and Taxation Department is also included. By This App, we can pay a total of 14 Taxes.

How to Pay Property Tax Through Epay Punjab?

Department of Excise & Taxation Punjab
Taxes available:

  • Vehicle Token Tax
  • Registration of Motor Vehicle Tax
  • Transfer of Vehicle Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Professional Tax
  • Cotton Fee Tax

Board of Revenue Department (BOR)

Taxes available

  • E-Stamping tax
  • Mutation Fee Tax
  • Fard Fee

Punjab Revenue Authority Department (PRA)
Taxes available:

  • Sales Tax on Services
  • Punjab Infrastructural Development Cess Tax

Department Industries
Taxes available:

  • Business Registration Fee

Transport Department of Punjab

Taxes available

  • Route Permit Tax

Department of Punjab Police
Taxes available:

  • Traffic Challan


Punjab government and development of the Punjab Finance Department and the PITB Launched in October. The Epay App is available on both Apple and Google Play stores. The primary purpose of this Application is to facilitate the general public. They can pay taxes while sitting in their comfort zones. PITB’s ePay App can also open on a laptop or computer through their web-based Application.

Benefits Of This App

Launching the App makes it easier for the government to collect revenue through taxes via an easy solution. The App shows how Pakistan and its government rapidly integrate financial technology (fintech) into its workings with Pakistan’s first digital tax aggregator. This App is connected with the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) using 1-link connectivity, and the App provides you the facility to pay 14 of their taxes via three payment methods. Before this, people had to stay in long queues at banks and government institutes to pay taxes.


We’ll now focus this guide for the ePay Punjab app on the usage of the App, the available payment methods, and details on the different taxes you can conveniently pay using PITB’s ePay App.
There are three ways of payment provided by ePay Punjab.

  1. Through Mobile Banking
  2. Through Internet Banking
  3. Through ATM

List Of Banks Mobile Wallets TO PAY YOUR DUES?

No Name of Bank
1. Summit Bank
2. Bank Alfalah
3. Dubai Islamic Bank
4. Sindh Bank
5. Askari Bank
6. Habib Metro Bank
7. Faysal Bank Limited
8. JS Bank
9. Allied Bank Limited
10. NRSP Microfinance Limited
11. Bank Islami
12. Samba Bank
13. Habib Bank Limited
14. Bank Of Punjab
15. National Bank of Pakistan
16. United Bank Limited
17. Bank Al Habib
18. Al Baraka Bank
19. Bank of Khyber
20. Meezan Bank
21. MCB-IB
22. Soneri Bank
23. MCB
24. Silk Bank
25. Standard Chartered Bank
26. FMFB Bank
27. Telenor Microfinance Bank
28. Apna Microfinance Bank
29. Khushhali Microfinance Bank
30. SME Bank
31. First Women Bank Limited
32. First Microfinance Bank
33. Citibank
34. FINCA Microfinance Bank

Once you have a challan and a PSID, knowing which bank is connected to this service is essential to pay your taxes without further delays. Please read the three payment options.

  • Name of Bank
  • Mobile Banking
  • Internet Banking
  • ATM Payment
  • OTC Transaction


Here we discuss how to pay taxes online. The process is so simple. Let’s discuss this.
Step 1: Download and Install the App
Open your cell phone’s Google Play Store or the App Store and install Punjab Epa Application.

Step 2: Open Your Account
After Installation, open the App and enter your credentials, like Your Name, Cell number, email address, and national identity card number.

Step 3: Receive a One-Time Password (OTP)
The App will send you One-Time Pass Word, called OTP, via SMS or email, on your mobile phone. You must put your OTP to log in to the App and pay your Taxes online.

Step 4: Select the Right Tax
Now, Select the correct department and select the right type of tax.
Step 5: Put Relevant Details
You need to provide some details to see your tax amount.
Step 6: Challan Generation
After providing your credentials, touch the ‘Generate Challan’ button to get your unique 17-digit Payment Slip Identification (PSID) number and its expiry date.
Step 7: Pay Your Tax

Use your nearest ATM, inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT), or 1-Link Member set Branches to pay your taxes using your PSID. Remember to pay the due taxes before your PSID expires date.

Remember: – You Can Select Language English and Urdu for your convenience.


The ePay App is a massive breakthrough for the Punjab government. Punjab Govt collects nearly 500 Million in its early 100 days, increasing daily.
The Punjab Government and PITB plan to make this App more beneficial to the citizens. PITB plans to add more payment gateways, like Debit/Credit Card payments, Mobile Wallets, and Payment through TELCO Agent Networks.


We have already written a brief step-by-step guide to use this App.

  • Time-saving,  you don’t need to visit government offices physically.
  • Secure payment channel.
  • Easy to find and install Android, ios, and web-based ePay App.
  • Transparent procedures.
  • Touch and pay.
  • Also suitable for B2G and P2G payments.
  • Service is available all over Punjab.
  • Three payment options.
  • Provide payment OPTION OF 14 taxes in 6 departments.
  • All departments’ list is available for the ease of citizens.

Wrapping Up

We present the above-detailed introduction to Punjab ePay App. Do we cover all aspects, like How to Pay Property Tax Through Epay Punjab? Let us know, and feel free to write us if you have any questions or want to know more about any topic related to Punjab ePay. If You are an Easypaisa customer and want to pay your utility bills through Easypaisa, please read our blog. How to Pay Electricity Bills Online Through Easypaisa. Thank you for reading.

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