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Pakistan Postal Life Insurance, powered by Pakistan Post, provides Pakistan’s most reliable and secure insurance policies. Pakistan Postal Life Insurance offers an opportunity to provide financial and life-planning services to ensure people can make the right decisions for their financial desires. The primary purpose is to secure your future and give you financial freedom in your upcoming life. Here we discuss Postal Life Insurance Online Payment Pakistan Pay Online and other aspects of Postal Life Insurance. 

Postal Life Insurance Online Payment and  Scheme Plans

Three savings plans help you raise money while getting your life insurance policy. The money collected from the policies is used for policyholder children’s education, wedding, home purchase, business expansion, and retirement income. You can also use this money for any other reason you wish. In this article, we’ll provide details on Pakistan’s postal life insurance scheme.

Benefits Of The Pakistani Postal Life Insurance 

1. Pakistan Postal Life Insurance offers the lowest rates for premium policies.

2. Pakistan Postal Life Insurance offers all policies, including participation in the profits

3. Payment Can be deposited in any Post Office in the Country. And Pakistan Post has the largest network in the Country.

4. Unlimited  Amount  Offer for Standard Policies Scheme.

5. Terms and conditions are straightforward for renewing expired policies.

6. Opportunity to lend on policies

7. Pakistan Postal Life Insurance offers the highest percentage of bonus

8. Pakistan Postal Life Insurance offers Policies for all citizens of Pakistan.

09. Pakistan Postal Life Insurance offers many benefits in case of advance payment. 

10. Pakistan Postal Life Insurance offers an assurance of payment from Pakistan’s Government of Pakistan

Postal Life Insurance Online Payment Pakistan Pay Online


Pakistan Postal Life Insurance Scheme Short History

The Pakistan Postal Life Insurance Policy provider is the oldest in the subcontinent. It was raised in the era of the British Raj in 1884; initially, they started services only for their employees. Then,  they expanded their circle to other government departments.

However, for many years the general public was not eligible to get this service till 1947. When Pakistan came into existence, Postal Life Insurance started its services to everyone.

Initially, They started their services through Pak Post. However, the Director General of Pakistan Post was responsible for managing and controlling the company’s operations and marketing its products. Postal Life is exempt from income and corporate tax.

All funds are put into the Post Office Insurance Fund, managed by the Ministry of Finance. Pakistan earns a profit on the current government investment rate. This policy guarantees the security of the funds and attractive returns and boosts public confidence.

Why Choose Pakistan Postal Life Insurance?

1. Multiple policies and easy Terms and Conditions are available for the Whole family.

2. Pakistan Postal Life Insurance offers the policy of joint life endowment

3. Many Offers For Students, Like Education Policy for their Higher studies and Marriage Policy.

4. Permanent disability and accidental death policies are available.

5. Annuity insurance policies

8. Offers a child protection insurance policy to secure your Children’s future.

9. Offers non-medical insurance

10. Group Insurence Policies are also available. 

Bonus Rates Postal Life Insurance 

1. The Bonus Rate for Endowment Assurance Policies from 1 to 5 years is 60%.

2. A Bonus Rate for Anticipated Endowment Security between 1 and 5 years is 60%.

3. The Bonus Rate for all life insurance policies ranging from 1 to 5 years is 75%.

The process of buying a Policy from Pakistan Postal Life Insurance.

The process is so simple. The first important thing is to select your desired policy according to your financial conditions. Then Apply for Policy. Please  Click the Link, Bellow,

postal life insurance policy

Candidates who are interested in the job should click on the link:

Pakistan Postal Life Insurance Helpline Numbers

Postal life insurance Pakistan contact number

Telephone Number: 111-111-11-117


Postal life insurance Pakistan jobs

Pakistan Postal Life Insurance always offers multiple jobs for all grades. We provide a direct link to Postal Life Insurance’s official website .for your ease. Please regularly visit for the latest jobs. The link is here,

Postal life insurance Pakistan jobs

Head office PLI Address and  Location

Here is the  Address and Google Maps Location for your ease. Director General Pakistan Post Office, G-8/4 Islamabad.


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