How Can I Report a Power Outage to Duke Energy?

Many Americans are experiencing extreme weather these days, and unexpected power outages significantly affect daily life. However, timely reporting of outages can help ensure quick resolution. Duke Energy, the leading electricity provider in the United States, understands this and has developed a fast and responsive outage reporting system accessible 24/7.

This article will guide you through reporting a power outage to Duke Energy, providing helpful insights and tips, and highlighting the convenience of their outage reporting system. So, stay with us.

Process to Report a Power Outage to Duke Energy

When facing a power outage, determine if it’s limited to your home or if the entire neighborhood is affected. If the issue is isolated to your house, inspect your main switch, fuse, and other appliances. If the outage extends to the entire area, promptly inform Duke Energy by following these easy steps:

Use the Duke Energy Mobile App

Duke Energy provides a smartphone app for the convenience of its customers. You can report power outages by downloading this app. After installation, locate the Outage Reporting Section, follow the steps, and provide the necessary details, such as the zip code of your area.

Call the Duke Energy Outage Numbers

Customers can report a power outage through text or by calling 1-800-POWERON (1-800-769-3766). You can also use the following numbers. Additionally, you can send a text with “OUT” to 57801 to receive information about the power outage.

text out to 57801 to report power outage to Duke Energy

State Power Outage Number
North Carolina 800.769.3766 – 800.419.6356
South Carolina 800.769.3766 – 800.419.6356
Florida 800.228.8485
Indiana 800-343-3525
Ohio 800.543.5599
Kentucky 800.543.5599

How Can I Report a Power Outage to Duke Energy Online?

Customers can report a power outage to Duke Energy by visiting their official website. Select your area by choosing your location from the drop-down menu at the top left of this page. Additionally, you have the option to change the language from English to Spanish

Duke Energy Outage Reporting Options

ٖFollow Duke Energy’s social media handles to report power outages in your area. Remember, it is not a direct reporting method, as Duke Energy customer care representatives are always unavailable. Therefore, these channels provide outage updates, and you can stay informed about the situation in your area.

Duke Energy Social Media Channels

Duke Energy Facebook Page.

Follow Duke Energy On X.

Duke Energy Linkedin.

Duke Energy YouTube Channel.

Power Outage Live Map Duke Energy

Please visit this link to see a live map of Duke Energy’s power outages. On this page, you can view the real-time outage map, report and view outages, check active outages, see the number of customers without power, check outage status, view outage history, and access outage summaries. This live map is automatically refreshed every 10 minutes.

Helpful Tips for Efficient Outage Reporting

  1. Keep your Duke Energy account number and other information handy before reporting an outage.
  2. Before reporting issues with your home electric system, such as a sparking or burning smell, report them to Duke Energy for a timely response.
  3. Utilize multiple reporting channels, including online through the website, mobile apps, and phone calls, for swift action.
  4. After reporting, follow up on your report and stay informed via news, alerts, and social media channels.
Information Details
Duke Energy Official Website
Category Utilities
Duke Energy Phone Number 800-769-3766
Duke Energy Customer Service Number 800-777-9898
Headquarters Location 550 S Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28202
Service Electricity
Service Area North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Florida

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Q: Can I Check Duke Energy’s power outage map by zip code?

A: Customers can check live maps by providing their area zip code. Please visit this page to enter your zip code.

Q: What is the restoration time after an outage report?

A: Duke Energy always provides quick responses and timely updates, but the restoration time depends on several factors, such as the nature and extent of the outage and weather conditions.

Q: How many ways can I report power outages to Duke Energy?

A: You can text “OUT” to 57801*, use the Duke Energy mobile app (free to download from the App Store and Play Store), visit the official website from your laptop or smartphone, or call (800) 769-3766 (toll-free number). *(standard text/data charges may apply).

Wrapping Up

For customer convenience, Duke Energy provides multiple options to report outages. Choose the method that suits you best – whether through the mobile app, website, phone, text messaging, or social media. Duke Energy is committed to providing a swift response and restoration. If you need more information on how to report a power outage to Duke Energy, write to us, and our team will guide you properly. Thank you for reading.

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