QESCO bill payment, QESCO duplicate bill, etc. All solutions are available on our Website. You can also find your QESCO’s previous month’s bill online every month here. This Website, www.findebill.com, is an entirely free website where you may easily view your QESCO last month’s bill online. In the sections below, you may check your most recent statement and the complete bill, which includes any outstanding charges. This bill is always available for download and printing, or you can print your  QESCO previous month’s bill for payment to your local shops or banks.

QESCO Previous Month Bill Online Check

We know you want to check your QESCO online bill check for the previous month. Are we going to tell you how you can check? Just paste your last month’s bill reference number into our QESCO page search bar and press enter to take your result.

QESCO Previous Months  Bill Calculator

If you think your bill is wrong, then you are right. There is a chance because they are also a human. They also make mistakes. So now you have to check your original bill. It’s too easy. You go to www.fesco.com.pk and check the unit price; after this, you can multiply with your consumed units, and this bill is authenticated. Check the Iesco calculator here. You can calculate your QESCO bill with all ordinary taxes. You are just required to enter your consumed units.

Enter your reference number to Pay your QESCO Electricity Bill.

QESCO Bill February 2022

You have come to the right place if you are searching for QESCO online bill 2022. You can view your bill here if you have your reference number. It is easy to find the reference no; you can find it in your bill in the upper right corner. By giving your 14 digits reference number, you can get any month’s bill from QESCO bill January 2022 to QESCO bill December 2022 or any previous year.

QESCO Duplicate Bill 

You need your reference number to check your electricity bill for any month. You can paste it into the reference number search bar and press enter. Your bill will pop up on your screen, where you can print your bill. Here you can view your Wapda Bijli bill also. And this process is also the same.

Bill SMS Registration

QESCO’s official Website provides SMS invoice support, an excellent service. By providing your SMS and reference number, you can sign up for a monthly bill and receive your SMS invoice every month before the deadline. We recommend going to the official QESCO website if you need an invoice SMS.

Check Electric Bill Online

to check your electricity bill online, you need your Wapda bill to reference no and paste it into the Wapda page reference number bar, and you may get your bill on your screen. And you can download and print your Wapda electricity bill online. To pay your bill at local shops or banks.

QESCO Bill Pdf

yes, you can download your bill in a pdf file. To download the QESCO bill in a pdf file, right-click on the online bill and press download file. This file will download in pdf format automatically. You Can open this file in any pdf viewer software like Acrobat Reader, Foxit, etc. Both software links are mentioned below.

Download Pdf  Viewer Acrobat Software from Here

Download Pdf Viewer Foxit Software from Here 

QESC Bill Correction

if you think your bill is incorrect, then you may be right. For correction of the bill, you need to calculate your bill. You can calculate your bill online, as we write in the above paragraph. You follow the steps. After calculation, you can cross-check with your original bill. It is the best way to check the correctness of your bill.


QESCO stands for Quetta Electric Supply Company. It is a Public Company established in 1998 under Ordinance 1984. Regarding area, Baluchistan has 44% of the whole of Pakistan. QESCO supplies electricity to Baluchistan’s entire province, excluding the Lasbela district.


Online Bill Check QESCO

  1. Open your Google search engine
  2. Search findebill.com
  3. Go QESCO bill page
  4. Paste your reference number
  5. In a few seconds (based on your internet speed), you will get your bill
  6. On the finedebill.com website, you can check your Wapda bill online check.

New Connection Registration and Transfer Process

Please read the new link document here. If you have purchased a new home with the QESCO connection registered with the last owner and would like to change the name on the invoice, you must follow the same procedure as the new link. You may be standing near the nearest QESCO office and using it to correct a topic or change. You can also download the QESCO New Connection pdf form by clicking the link below.

Download QESCO’s new connection pdf form. 

QESCO Helpline Number and QESCO Complaint

Website http://www.qesco.com.pk

QESCO Quetta Contact Number

Telephone number: 011 44 ​​1992 632222

Register your complaint and give feedback about QESCO by visiting QESCO’s official Website.

Here is a List of Standard Taxes You See in the QESCO Bill


FPA stands for Oil Price Adjustment. Even the price of the FPA in QESCO’s monthly bill is for the fuel prices of the energy leasing power companies. You can see that number in your monthly bill if a fuel cost exists.

T.R. Payment:

T.R. is short for Tax Estimation Payment. It is NEPRA and the GOP tax gap. If the gap allows, the GOP will pay it soon as a “Subsidy.” But in a negative gap, the Distribution Business will close the GOP for “Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (IDTR SUR).”

F.C. Pay:

F.C. means Borrowing Price. Officials have charged forty-three paisa for each machine as an additional Hamilton Education Fee to obtain a credit service set for their competent Holding Personal Limited.

Postponed Volume:

It could be the amount of bill you have decided to pay in the same 30 days or even after. You may not receive overdue payments on a waiver fee, and your subsequent statements may include this number in full or payments.

QTR Tariff Adj / DMC

That will be the annual rate of the tax change. You will see this number in your monthly payment soon after a few weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I check the QESCO invoice by mobile number or CNIC?

A: No, you can check it with the reference number.

Q: How do I change the name of my QESCO Wapda invoice?

A: You can submit a request to change the subject by visiting your nearest office. The process of editing a topic is similar to a new connection.

Q: What is QESCO’s Helpline Number?

A: Here is the QESCO telephone number: 0819201445

Q: How do I apply for invoice amendment?

A: If you believe the amount of your bill is incorrect, you can go to the nearest QESCO office and submit your status.

QESCO Head Office Location

Finally, if you want to visit the QESCO head office in Quetta here, we provide Google Maps and mention the exact location of the QESCO head office. You can get directions from Google Maps.

Thank you for reading.

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