Report Power Outage Austin

So far, about 140,000 customers have lost power due to the winter storm, according to Austin Energy. This is a worrying situation. Strong winds blew on Monday morning, which later turned into severe storms. Due to this, consumers may lose power for another 12 to 24 hours. Austin Energy provided this number for customers affected by the storm. Customers can report power outages at this number and receive assistance from an Austin Energy representative.

Williamson and Hays counties are also experiencing severe power outages. Meanwhile, according to the National Weather Service, freezing rains will continue into Thursday morning, and temperatures are expected to stay slightly above freezing.

Report Power Outage Austin

The severe weather has affected almost everything. Even the roads have not been spared. The Texas Department of Transportation asks people to stay off the roads for safety.

Almost all educational institutions in the area have been closed for the safety of the children. Capital Metro service has also been suspended. Offices in Austin, San Marcos, Travis Hayes, Williamson, and Georgetown have been closed. And shopping stores will also remain closed until 10 am on Wednesday.

Austin Airport was also unsafe due to severe weather. More than 300 flights have been suspended in 24 hours.

How to Report Power Outage?

Austin Energy is committed to providing every possible assistance to its customers in this worrying situation. Customers from the Power Outage area can report a power outage to the Austin Customer care number at 512-322-9100.

Furthermore, customers can get detailed information about the power outage by clicking this link (Austin power outage map)

. From there, you can see Total Customers with Power,

Active Outages and Total Affected Customers. Austin Energy provides real-time stats.

Helpful Tips During Power Outage

First, we should know that power outages are not just due to bad weather. In an accident, a power outage can also occur due to the fall of the power pole. So we should be mentally prepared for it. And we should think about taking safety measures on such occasions. First, if a medical emergency occurs during a power outage, call 9-1-1 without waiting because your health is more important.

Police, Fire, Emergencies call 9-1-1
Power Outage Helpline 512-322-9100
Austin Twitter Link For Updates @austinenergy
Austin Energy YouTube Channel Link
Austin Energy Customer Services 512-494-9400
Outside Austin, call toll-free: 888-340-6465
Get Outage Alerts
Austin Energy Official Website

Austin Energy provides detailed safety measures and tips on its website. Click on the link (Austin Energy Safety Tips During an Outage) and follow these steps. Adopting these safety measures can save your family from these severe weather conditions.

Here are Some Latest Tweets from Austin Energy Official Twitter Handler

Austin Energy keeps updating its consumer about the latest updates about weather and power outage details. You can Follow Austin Energy’s official Twitter account to stay updated with everything happing around you.



Wrapping Up

A power outage affected a large number of customers in Austin today. But Austin Energy’s timely safety precautions saved people from more harm. Austin Energy provides a map of power outages in Austin for people’s convenience. Austin Energy makes it easy to check for power outages in your area. We’ll soon get through the challenging phase and see life on the streets of Austin soon, so keep your spirits up. We are a nation that loves our country and will overcome this situation with our high morals. Please share my blog with your friends and family if it is exciting and helpful! It’s always great to spread knowledge and help others; I would be thankful if you could help me by sharing this blog.

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