The Karachi Water and Sewerage Board KWSB Duplicate Bill 2022 Online Consumer Reference Number procedure is provided on this website. Buyers looking for KWSB online bills can now download their bills by entering their buyer’s number or reference number printed in their bills. KWSB is the company responsible for producing, distributing, and transmitting drinking water to the people of Karachi. The company’s mission is to provide weekly water to communities through the underground pipeline system or through water tanks. It provides a variety of services, including debt repayment, to its customers. Customers can now view their debts online and print duplicate credits by following the procedure, e.g., KWSB Duplicate Bill 2022 Consumer Reference Number is as follows:

History of Karachi water and sewerage board bill online


The Karachi Water & Sewerage Board was established in February 1983 under the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) to plan, design, develop and maintain a city water supply and sanitation system. It is also a major government agency in Karachi that ensures proper distribution and delivery of safe, clean, clean and safe water to meet the needs of residents.

The KWSB is headed by a chairperson, assisted by the Deputy Chairperson followed by the Executive Director or MD. There are more than 11,500 employees at the Karachi Water Board, working in various departments, such as Administration, Planning, Finance, Taxation, Bulk Water, and others.


Although created under the KMC, the Karachi Water & Sewerage Board was later separated from the city government. Now, the Sindh Government is approving its budget and increasing consumer spending. The organization earns its money through housing and commercial water supply, sewerage, and water billing, among other things.


Karachi Water  and sewerage duplicate bill online

Here you can check out the details of the Karachi Water and Sewerage bill of KWSB which is a repeat of the 2022 online bill. We have now told you about a simple process that will help you and guide you to evaluate the KWSB duplicate of the KWSB Water and Sanitation Board online. Here we also update hot water and sewerage bill check. So, keep reading to this

Karachi water and sewerage board online payment

Karachi water and sewerage board online payment allows its customers to pay bills online. in Pakistan, there are several services that are provided for consumers to pay bills. You can pay the online bill through jazz cash easy paisa and from your private ATM card.



Water bill online check

In the following section, the full process of the KWSB Online Retail Bill is provided. So follow the procedure given below. Details of the KWSB Repeat Bill for 2022 Online Consumer Reference Number are provided there.

water bill consumer number

  • Here are the contact details of the Water Board Karachi:
  • Karachi Water & Sewerage board number: 1339
  • Telephone number: 021-99230317
  • Address: 9thkm Consumer Services Centre, Karsaz, Karachi
  • Telephone numbers: 021-99245138 and 021-99245140
  • To book an online water tank through the Karachi Water Board, please call the following numbers between 5:00 AM and 9:00 PM:
  • Online Tankers Centre: 021-99245152, 021-99245178, 021-99240802

Water and Sewerage  Board Bill Online Bill Consumer Number

here we tell you how to find consumer numbers in just 4 simple steps.

  1. In the first step, open the official KWSB site.
  2. After this, search the buyer category and click on it. Write the buyer’s number in the blank box.
  3. You can now click the submit option and your duplicate payment will be in front of your computer screen.
  4. Additionally, you can get your bill printed by selecting the selected print option provided in the drop-down menu.

KWSB duplicate bill download

When you find your Karachi water bill then you can also download it to save it on your desktop and send it some else there is an option for downloading the water bill. You can also take a screenshot of your bill you can search your water and sewerage bill anywhere in Pakistan location does not resist in your way. you can Water bill online check near johar town, Lahore if you are live in Multan you can search by the title of WASA bill online and check Multan


To apply for a new water connection, you need to download the New Contact Form from the official KWSB website. Next, complete the application form for the water connection and attach the required documentation pertaining to the building where new water connections are required. You must submit this form to the Karachi Water Board Revenue Office. The officer will then issue you with Bank Challan, which you will need to deposit in the affected bank and collect the payment receipt.

Karachi Sewerage Board Bill Online.

KWSB also introduced the mobile app under the name KWSB Online Tanker System. By using this mobile app, one can order a water tank at any time. Delivers KWSB Duplicate Bill 2022 Online Consumer Reference Number to you and its users. So, if you are looking for an online bill then this post will be very helpful for you

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