Xoom Energy Pay Bill Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

Xoom Energy customers are welcome here. We will explore the Xoom Energy Pay Bill Online system. With Xoom Energy’s online bill pay system, you can quickly pay your bill from the comfort of your living or workplace. Xoom Energy provides quick and secure bill payment solutions for the betterment of its customers. You can visit the Xoom Energy login page to manage your Xoom Energy account, track your usage, and even explore Xoom Energy renewal plans. Xoom Energy’s customer service team is always present to help you with queries and concerns. We will also guide you through Xoom Energy’s online bill payment system and Xoom Energy’s quick pay service. So, Stay with us.

Xoom Energy Pay Bill Online Via Website

Suppose you are an Xoom Energy customer living in California, Georgia, or Texas. You can pay your energy bill quickly and securely with your MyXOOM account using your checking account and debit/credit card. With Xoom Energy, my account, you can view, download, and pay your bill. To manage your finances, you can view your bill payment history. Xoom Energy gives you complete control over your account; you can manage your account and edit your information. Additionally, you get notifications and alerts about power outages and Xoom Energy renewal plans.

Xoom Energy Login

You must log in to your account to access all the mentioned benefits. Visit the Xoom Energy Pay Bill online login page, provide your Account Location your Username/Password, and click Login to my Xoom account. If you are a new customer, click the “Im New Create An Account” option and provide the required details to complete the registration process.

Xoom Energy Pay Bill Online

Xoom Pay My Bill By Phone

You can pay your bill on the go by Phone at 888-997-8979. Xoom Energy customers can use this service 24/7 and pay with AMEX or Check, VISA, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, or Check from Monday – Friday, 8:00 to 2300 Hrs. and Saturday, 9:00 to 1900 Hrs. And if you are an Xoom Energy Texas customer, call 833-355-XOOM (9666) to pay over the Phone from Monday – Friday, 7:00 to 2200. Saturday, 8:00 to 1800 Hrs. Similarly, Xoom Energy Georgia consumers can call 855-203-3808 from Monday – Friday, 8:00 to 23:00 Hrs (ET) Saturday, 9:00 to 1900. However, Small Business consumers from Taxas will call 833-355-XOOM (9666) Monday – Friday 8:00 to 1730 Hrs. (CT) to pay via Phone.

Xoom Energy Pay My Deposit In Person

We accept payments at the following locations if you want to pay in cash. Provide your Bill Account Number at these locations.

Xoom Energy Address For Bill Payment In Texas

  • Barri Financial Group
  • CheckFree
  • Fidelity Express

If you are in California, find these authorized third-party payment locations.

  • ACE Cash Express
  • Walmart

Georgians can find these locations to pay Xoom Energy bills,

  • ACE Cash Express
  • Walmart
  • Fidelity Express

Xoom Energy Pay Bill By Mail

If you prefer to pay traditionally, Send your bill payment with a check/money order by mail to,

In California, Send your mail to,

XOOM Energy California, LLC

Attn: Accounts Receivable

P.O. Box 650117

Dallas, TX 75265-0117

If you are sending your bill payment from Georgia, send it to,

XOOM Energy Georgia, LLC

Attn: Accounts Receivable

P.O. Box 650117

Dallas, TX 75265-0117

Texas Customers will write this address on the envelope before sending their bill payment through the mail,

XOOM Energy Texas, LLC

P.O. Box 660133

Dallas, TX 75266-0133

Pay Xoom Energy Bill By AutoPay

Xoom Energy offers AutoPay service for customers to pay their bills online conveniently. To do this, visit our official website, myxoomenergy.com, and click the “Pay My Bill” option on the right side of the page. In the first section of the page, enter your account location from the drop-down menu and provide your credentials to Enroll in this service. Xoom Emergy automatically deducts your billing amount from your account on the due date.

On the same page, In the “Need to make a payment” section, select your billing account location from the drop and down menu. Suppose you want to pay your bill using Xoom Energy One Time payment service. Xoom’s one-time payment service allows you to pay your bill without logging in. Similarly, by selecting your billing account location, you can use Xoom Energy Quickpay Service to make a quick bill payment without Signing in to your Xoom Energy Account.

Company Overview – Xoom Energy

For ten years, XOOM Energy has proudly provided electricity and gas services to residential and commercial customers in the U.S. and Canada.
xoom energy headquarter
 Official Website https://xoomenergy.com/en
Category Utilities
Xoom Energy Phone Number
Xoom Energy Pay Bill Online Customer Service
888-997-8979 – info@xoomenergy.com
Xoom Energy Social Media Links Facebook And Follow Xoom Energy On Twitter
Xoom Energy H.Q. Location
11208 Statesville Rd Ste 200 Huntersville, NC  28078
Service Electricity – Gas
Service Area National
Report Power Outage 888-997-8979
 Ambit Energy YouTube Channel @XOOMEnergy

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FAQs – Xoom Energy Pay Bill

Q. What is the number Xoom Energy Phone number?

A. You can contact them by dialing 888-997-8979 and emailing them at info@xoomenergy.com.

Q. How do I contact Xoom Energy Customer Service?

A. If you need to talk with an Xoom Energy Customer, dial 888-997-8979.

Q. How do I call XOOM Energy Georgia customer care?

A. Call 855-203-3808 to talk to XOOM Energy Georgia customer service.

Q. What is Xoom Energy Canada’s Phone number?

A. Call 1-866-999-8483 in Xoom Energy Canada.

Q. What is the phone number for XOOM Energy Ohio?

A. If you are in Ohio, call Xoom Energy by dialing 888-997-8979.

Q. What is the Xoom energy pay bill online phone number?

A. To pay by Phone, call 888-997-8979.

Wrapping Up

Today, we explore the Xoom Energy Pay Bill Online system. Xoom Energy provides various modernized online bill payment methods for its customers. If you are an Xoom Energy customer facing any issues regarding their services, feel free to write us, and our team will quickly respond to your query. Thank you for reading.

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