How to Change Name in Electricity Bill Online 2023

In this blog, We will guide you step-by-step so you can change the name on your bill. The question is, why do people need to change the name of their utility bill? This question is because people need to change their name on electricity, water, or Gas bills when moving from one place to another. So here in this blog, you will find nearly all companies’ processes of changing names on utility bills.

Document for change Name in Electricity Bill

You must provide a list of documents along with the application form to change your name on the electricity bill to be submitted to the concerned authorities under the listed document needed to change the name on the electricity bill, along with an Application for change of name electricity bill form. When you complete your document, please submitted to the concerned Power Company.

  1. CA / Account Number You Find on your old Electricity bill.
  2. Customer Identification Number/ Consumer Number
  3. Then you have to provide a copy of last month’s Electricity bill.
  4. Ownership Proof of your Property.
  5. A receipt Property Tax.
  6. Guarantee bond on stamp paper
  7. NOC Signed by the Last Owner.
  8. Added copy of ID Card.
  9. Aadhaar Card

How to Change Name in Electricity Bill Online 2023

Process of Change Name in Electricity Bill

Once you have all the required documents, you can visit the nearby electricity board office to proceed further. Double checks all of your documents, Then visit your nearest Electricity Provider company regional office. Now follow the listed step to finish this process.

In your power company office, ask the company representative for the Application form to change the name on the electricity bill. Sometimes they will ask for some charges for the application. Pay the charges and collect the application form. Attach all your documents with the application and submit them to the Electricity provider company office. The company will check and verify your provided document. They will ask to pay the fee if they find all the documents correctly. The representative sends your application and documents for further processing. And they will send their employee to your given address to physically examine your place after the technician visits and the ownership of the bill will be transferred to you.

The process looks simple but can be hectic if you still need the required documents. Until the completion of the document, you have to wait. You may have to visit different offices for your documents. But when you have done it, you only need to submit the documents and application and wait for the technician’s visit.


Q. If I’m a tenant, do I have to change my name on my electricity bill?

A. No need if you are Tenant.

Q. How much time does it take to change the name of your electricity bill?

A. After verifying your address, changing your name takes about a week. You should contact the office if changing your name takes longer than that.

Q. Is it possible to change the bill’s name online?

A. No, it is impossible; you must physically visit the Company office.

Q. Can I change the address on my electricity bill?

A. Yes. Yes. You can also change your address on the electric bill. The process is the same as above. There is one difference: when filling out the application form or sending the letter, you must use the address instead of your name.

Wrapping Upp

Changing the name on the electric bill is a rare case. But you should know all the processes. I here in this article explain all the processes simply. Hope you will like it. We also provide you with all the solutions for your electric and water bills, like Online bill payments, Duplicate bills, downloading duplicate bills, and registering a complaint against your Electricity provider company. We also wrote a detailed article on Adani Electricity Bill Payment Online Mumbai 2023 for your help. Thank you for reading.

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