How to Check Units in Digital Electric Meter

There are two types of Meters: mechanical Meters and Digital Meters. Mostly nowadays, all major companies and consumers use digital meters. Because it is very effective and its accuracy is perfect. This article will tell you How to Check Units in a Digital Electric meter. And also we’ll give you some introduction to Mechanical meter. This article will also describe how to Check the Digital Electric Meter reading.

How to read Electric Meter and Calculate it

We also called this meter an analogue meter. Nowadays, nearly every consumer and company uses digital meters; some still use Mechanical/Analog meters. So we decided to explain the method of reading Mechanical meters. Please read carefully about some essential things we mentioned in the image below with the diagram. And now, write your meter reading and subtract it from last month’s Meter reading and get the actual consumed units of the current month.

How read Mechanical or Analog electric meter reading

How To Read WAPDA Digital Meter Reading

Digital meters are commonly used for commercial and domestic purposes. Because digital meter accuracy is more accurate than the mechanical or Analog meter, remember these points when you start meter reading.

  • Always Read the figures from left to right.
  • You don’t need to read the digit after the decimeter.
  • A button is installed in digital meters to cycle through the numbers on display.

How to Calculate Electricity Bills from Digital Meter Reading

Here is the electricity bill calculation formula. If you need to get the current month’s actual consumed electricity meter reading units, subtract the current reading from last month’s reading. As a result, you get the exact unit you consumed. If you are living in Pakistan and searching for how to calculate electricity bills in Pakistan, you can apply this method.

How to read digital electrc meter reading

Digital Electric Meter Price in Pakistan

Many Companies manufacture digital electric meters or sub-meters in Pakistan; some imported meters are also available in the country. Prices vary depending on the Quality of the product. Midrange Meters Prices start from 800 PKR to 3000 PKR. Most Pakistani companies purchase Digital meters instruments from China and assemble them in Pakistan with their brand Label. Our opinion is if you want to buy a meter from a brand Because  Brands don’t compromise on Quality, always try to buy famous brands. Some digital meter brands are mentioned below. In Pakistan, you can find it on Daraz and OLX also.

How to calculate electricity bill from meter reading

1. Determine your electricity usage in kilowatthours (kWh). To do this, subtract your current meter reading from your previous one.
2. Multiply your kWh usage by your electricity rate. This will give you your total cost.
3. Add any applicable taxes or fees.
4. Calculate any discounts or credits that may apply to your bill.
5. Calculate your final bill amount by subtracting applicable discounts or credits from the total cost.

How do you Calculate kwh from an Electric meter reading?

1. Determine the current meter reading. Look at the dials on your electric meter and note the readings.
2. Determine the previous meter reading. Look at the meter reading from your last electric bill and note the reading.
3. Subtract the previous meter reading from the current meter reading. These two readings differ in the energy used since the last reading.
4. Multiply the difference by the meter multiplier. Each meter has a multiplier, the number of kilowatthours represented by each revolution of the dials.
5. Calculate the total kilowatthours used. Multiply the difference from step three by the meter multiplier from step four to get the kilowatthours used.

How to calculate electricity bill in Pakistan

1. Calculate Your Total Electricity Usage: The first step is calculating your monthly electricity usage. This information is available on your electricity bill.

2. Determine Your Electricity Tariff: Once you know your total electricity usage, you must determine the electricity tariff applicable to you. The tariff is based on your location, type of connection, and total electricity usage.

3. Calculate Your Electricity Bill: Now that you know your electricity tariff, you can calculate your electricity bill. To do this, multiply the total electricity usage by the applicable tariff. This will give you the total cost of electricity for the month.

4. Add Taxes and Other Charges: Add applicable taxes and charges to the electricity bill. These additional charges may include fixed charges, fuel surcharges, and taxes. You will have your monthly electricity bill once you have added all applicable charges.

Some Famous Brands/Stores Of Digital Meters

We try to collect the data of some digital meter manufacturers to ease our website, visitors. The undermentioned companies sell digital electric meters. Please visit their stores chat with them in detail, and read opinions and reviews.

  1. vertex
  2. Al-Hutaib Electric Co
  3. sbestore
  • Iotroniks Engineering Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. Karachi.
  • Mindificient Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mindificient Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Square Tech Engineering. Karachi.
  • Smartek Energy And Construction (SMC PVT) LTD. Lahore. 
  • Electric Multan. Multan.
  • trafo Link. Lahore.

(Digital Meter Read in Detail)

digital meter png

Mechanical Electric Meter

Mechanical flow meter png

Digital Electric Meter Error Codes

Error code What the code means
1, 2, 3, 50-99  There’s something wrong with your meter, and we must replace it.
D2, D4, 10  Your key needs to be talking to your meter correctly.
6, D6  You might be using an old or the wrong key for your meter.
11-45  Something needs to be fixed with your key.

How Many kWh Makes a Unit?

How to read kWh meter reading? As We know, one kilowatt-hour (kWh) equals 1 Unit. And if a 1000 watts Bulb uses electricity for ten hrs., it uses Ten units of electricity. For example, if 1 unit is of 5 PKR, we can find the monthly cost as.. 1000 Watts*10 Hrs.*30 Days= 300000 watts/hour.

Variations on watts:

  • 1 kilowatt (kW) = 1,000 watts (W)
  • 1 megawatt (MW) = 1,000 kilowatts (kW)
  • 1 gigawatt (GW) = 1,000 megawatts (MW)

Variations on kilowatt-hours:

  • 1 kilowatt hour (kWh) = 1,000 watt hours (Wh)
  • 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) = 1,000-kilowatt hours (kWh)
  • One gigawatt-hour (GWh) = 1,000-megawatt hours (MWh)

Here on this website, you can get all information about online duplicate billing and online payments of the under-mentioned companies.

Electricity bill calculation formula?
Electricity Bill Calculation Formula = (Total Units Consumed * Cost Per Unit) + (Fixed Charges + Other Charges)


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